Your home telephone from Vonage.

Once connected with Rural Broadband we can replace your existing home telephone connection with a Vonage connection. We will install a small device from Vonage to connect your telephone to the network and then you are free to call.


Vonage provide a telephone network connection using the internet and since you have made the copper line to your home redundant then you no longer have to pay the BT line rental fee for it, saving you money.

You can keep your existing telephone number and choose from a host of call plans from Vonage benefiting from cheaper call rates and options than are offered by existing landline providers, please go to our call plan for full details.

Vonage also supply a free app to turn your smart phone into your home phone so you can make and receive home telephone calls from your mobile as long as you are connected to the internet somewhere in the World, so keep connected and keep on talking!