Your Rural Broadband connection.

We install a small wireless receiver onto your property and establish a connection with our installed base station. Once this is done you will be connected to the national fibre-optic network and enjoy the broadband speeds which you have ordered through us. Because we use radio waves there is no degradation of broadband speed with distance, as experienced on BT’s copper wire network. So it doesn’t matter how far your home is from the telephone cabinet, you will still get the broadband speed which you have paid for. The equipment we have chosen is well proven as the choice of the British military and the BBC.

Furthermore because we replace the need for your land line you will no longer need to pay BT for having it. If you plan to keep your home telephone then you still can thanks to our arrangement with Vonage and you can even take your telephone number with you, and even start using your smart phone as additional home telephone handsets thanks to a free mobile app.

We are guaranteed to beat the broadband speeds provided by traditional suppliers such as BT, Sky and PlusNet, as they are tethered to the copper wire network and so cannot offer speeds as fast as Rural Broadband. We do not offer ‘up to’ speeds, we provide what is purchased.

Our ultrafast broadband can deliver speeds of 500Mb* today, six times the maximum BT can offer. This means you’ll be signing up to a future-proofed broadband service and you’ll never again have to compromise on your home internet use.


Standard Package – 6 months offer

£42 £25 / month

    Completely unlimited broadband
    Unlimited landline calls
    Actual speeds, not ‘up to’
    100Mb download / 100Mb upload
    No line rental
    Free transfer of your landline number

*Prices for the 500Mb service on request.

£30 Connection fee applies.