Average download speeds of broadband in the UK from OFCOM. November 2016. Speeds shown are in Megabits


Rural Average


Urban Average


Our Speeds

What We Offer

We give the rural community the broadband they deserve. People have worked hard and earned the right to live in villages, but why can’t we have the same broadband (or even better) that the major telecoms give to the high urban areas?

We use a fibre-optic connection to beam state-of-the-art radio waves to a small receiver on your property. This wireless transmission, on equipment used by the British military in Afghanistan, replaces the need for the old-fashioned copper wire connection to your home. It’s this use of radio transmission that means we can guarantee the fastest download and upload speeds. The traditional suppliers, such as BT and SKY still use the local copper wire network and so cannot offer speeds as fast as Rural Broadband.
Because our technology does not involve copper lines, we can guarantee our speeds to you and not give an ‘up to’ speed
Our ultrafast broadband can deliver delivers speeds of 500Mb* today, six times the maximum BT can offer. This means you’ll be signing up to a future-proof broadband service. You’ll never have to upgrade your hardware and you’ll never again have to compromise on your family’s internet use.

The Hardware

500Mb radio unit on the home. More than enough for future expansion

Initial cost of only £150 for the antenna and router. Installation is free.

Community Project

As we need a fibre connection to distribute our broadband, we look to a local school to house the equipment. We don’t need to. But this way we can give rural schools access to the fastest internet possible.
Stone School, for example, now has access to 1Gigabit of internet speeds. Whereas before, they had only 4Mb of internet. This has transformed the school into the 21st Century and beyond. They now do not need an I.T. room, they can do it in their own classrooms.
If possible, we then distribute our signal from the highest point. Usually a church. We then donate a sum to the church every year.
In short, we give back to the community that we are providing to.

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