What technology does Rural Broadband use?

We use a wireless radio technology that beams to your home receiver from a base station which is connected to the fibre-optic network. We are supplied by Virgin Media Business, so rest assured the capacity and reliability is of the highest standard.

How good is the technology?

Our wireless hardware is the same equipment supplying the MOD, Formula One and also supported the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games in London. It is 99.99999% reliable to military grade standards.

What is your fastest speed that you can provide?

The hardware we install can give you 500Mb. Yes, that’s a guaranteed 500Mb upload and download speed simultaneously. That is a lot faster than anything BT or Virgin can offer and, because a wireless signal is direct, there is less signal delay between your home and the main network than with traditional cables.
With more expensive units we could provide 1Gb speeds and beyond

How does it compare to BT and Sky?

BT uses fibre to the cabinet and then copper, or aluminium, to the home. This has a maximum speed of 76Mb and typically a lot less. You cannot receive faster speeds without fibre to the home, so Rural Broadband is many times faster than BT.

Why are Rural Broadband's prices cheaper than BT?

We work with Vonage, an international Telecoms company providing internet telephone services, to provide the telephone element of our package. This means you will never need your BT line rental again. Saving you £20 per month in line rental.

How does the Vonage phone work?

Vonage provide a small adapter that sits between your current telephone and your router. This means your telephone is now over the internet (Voice over IP) instead of over old copper lines. In short, the telephone works exactly the same as it did before but without the line rental. We transfer your current landline number, get you free delivery and free phone connection. Vonage also provide a mobile app in order that you may use your home phone on your smart phone, so you may answer home telephone calls whenever you are connected to the internet.

What free calls are in the Vonage package?

All 01 02 and 03 numbers are included in the package. Plus, there are no hidden charges. Unlike other providers, you do not have to hang up after 60 minutes to avoid extra charges, just keep talking!

Is Rural Broadband completely unlimited?

Yes. Both upload and downloads have no limits whatsoever.

Do you slow down at peak times?

No. We provision more than enough bandwidth for each location. We will never oversell our product.

BT state 'up to'. Is Rural Broadband an 'up to' speed?

If you order 100Mb broadband, you get a 100Mb connection. You always get what you order from Rural Broadband.

What's Rural Broadband's upload speed?

Our upload speed is synchronous to your download speed. This means that if you have a 100Mb download speed, your upload speed is 100Mb. One does not affect the other.

When I sign, how long is my contract?

If you buy your equipment from us there’s no contract – just a 30-day notice to cancel the service. If you rent your equipment from us, then you will be under a two-year contract.

What will I pay initially?

We have this incredible equipment very heavily subsidised, to bring it to residential customers.
The hardware will be £150. Also a one-off connection fee of £30. Installation is free.