About Us.

About Rural Broadband

Eight Gloucestershire business people set up Rural Broadband after years of frustration waiting for BT to offer fast broadband connections to their homes and small businesses. They are not alone, around two million people in the UK live in rural areas without a broadband service whilst Britain’s cities enjoy superfast broadband via a mature fibre backbone.

BT and the other major broadband suppliers consider it unprofitable to install fibre-optic connections to the thousands of small villages throughout the UK. We have found a solution in wireless technology to connect your home to the internet directly from our fibre-optic point. This advanced technology supplies homes and small businesses with ultra-fast and dependable broadband which does not degrade with distance like underground copper lines used by the BT network.

Our aim is to bring the rural areas who have been so far let down by current suppliers into the 21st century’s digital revolution.